History of Low Hall

Strickland Hall, commonly known as Low Hall, has had a chequered history. From the 1540s being tied in to the Crackenthorpe's of Newbiggin Hall, briefly (we believe from hearsay) to the Strickland’s of Sizeurgh Castle and latterly to the Lowther Estate. We are tracing its history as time allows. We have found the archives at Carlisle Castle, passed on by the Lonsdale estate, a fascinating and invaluable resource. This page is effectively under construction, please bear with us as we research and add to the history as time allows.

During the Suppression of the Monasteries, the last abbot of Shap Abbey surrendered to Henry VIII’s men on 14 January 1540. On the 6th November 1543, Henry VIII then granted this estate, with many others, to Christopher Crackenthorpe of Newbiggin Hall. It was built/extended by his second son, John Crackenthorpe.

Low Hall

After this time, we are still working to understand the real progress of the manor of Little Strickland (the history is somewhat contradictory). Somewhere in the following lies the real history…

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